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Welcome! The Virgin Islands Department of Education Procurement Division has oversight for all the Department’s purchasing, strategic sourcing, contracting, vendor payments, and warehouse operations. The Division procures reasonably priced, high-quality goods and services for schools and activity centers while preserving organizational, financial, civic accountability, and ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations.  The Division supports VIDE’s mission and functions to acquire the   resources necessary to commit to the superior preparation and performance of every student for continuing education.

As we are always willing to assist, we can be contacted at or 774-0100.

RFP-DOE-2021-012 - Comprehensive Educator Professional Development at the All Saints Cathedral School

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from provider(s) qualified in educator professional development. A focus on standards, lesson planning and instructional excellence are crucial to improve the opportunity for student learning in the classroom.  The administration of the All Saints Cathedral School understands the connections of standards and lesson plans to learner engagement and opportunities for students to learn through rigorous tasks.  Accordingly, the administration is requesting a comprehensive professional development training program that will deepen teachers’ understanding of the effective instructional strategies that are necessary to promote academic achievement. 

The Virgin Islands Department of Education (DOE) seeks qualified service provider(s)/person(s) with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide all things necessary to the Department and the All Saints Cathedral School to address its constantly changing, and challenging landscape as we prepare students to lead communities in the future. Our teachers must be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning.  Teachers must have a deeper understanding of the ways complete lesson plans, deconstruct curriculum standards, and improve instructional excellence that impacts the academic achievement of their students. This can be done if they have a better understanding and are equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and skills on best practices to meet the instructional and emotional needs of our students.

RFP-DOE-2021-012 - Comprehensive Educator Professional Development at the All Saints Cathedral School

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Deadline for Submission: August 25, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. AST - Please submit proposals to


St. Thomas

1834 Kongens Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802
Phone: 340-774-0100

Curriculum Center:
Mon – Fri:  8AM – 5PM


St. Croix

2133 Hospital Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, VI 00820
Phone: 340-773-1095

Curriculum Center:
Mon – Fri:  8AM – 5PM

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